She is technical competent 

Daily Telegraph

She has strong wristed and finger tip-magic

The Times


New York

Miriam Ramos has an admirable technical facility, a big tone and a certain contrapuntal clarity. 
Tim Page – New York Times




Une magnifique artiste en pleine maturité dont la sensibilité et la palette  sonore  sont au service d´une véritable pensée musicale.
Dominique Merlet




Her recital in  the  Grêmio, going  beyond technical  perfection  and  dazzling  sonorous brilliance, displayed  her  interpretive powers in the entire  program  dedicated  to   Villa Lobos, Schumann  and  Tchaikovsky.... The Villa Lobos  was  exemplary.... Miriam Ramos gave us a  very  markedly romantic Schumann, with  admirable  faithfulness  to the score... Tchaikovsky  is  a scintillating  heap  of  technical  difficulties  in  which  Miriam Ramos  successfully  navigated the shoals of  this  tempestuous work with unsurmountable virtuosity. 
José Blanc de Portugal – Diário de Lisboa



São Paulo

The revelation of a brazilian pianist...  supremely vast technique; musicality of an exceptionally  high  level ; ...stylistic versitility...   Always placing  her  technical attributes  at the service of the  musical  thought, the artist  presented  us  with the best of all the performances of  Brahms´Great  Sonata  in Fá minor, op 5...São Paulo  cannot  do  without the presence of this extraordinary pianist.
Diário Popular – São Paulo


Miriam Ramos is one of the most important pianists on our current artistic scene.

José da Veiga Oliveira – São Paulo


Rio de Janeiro

Miriam Ramos played  the  Prokofieff Concert nº 3 with great élan and rhythmic  vitality. Prokofieff must be a  composer  with whom the pianist identifies quite closely, as shown by the appropriateness with which  she  outlined the most expressive thematic contours and the fluency she revealed in the complex changes of tempo and character.

Ronaldo Miranda – Jornal do Brasil

Technically Miriam has already  attained  that point of mastery  at  which  the difficulties disappear and there only remains  the  means, the vehicle transmitting  the  expressive content.

Carlos Dantas – Tribuna da Imprensa



Miriam Ramos respects her instrument. She studied in Europe  with  Dominique Merlet from whom she seems to have inherited her crystalline diction.  In her recital at  IBAM she displayed vast technical resources... she frequently hits the  mark on the interpretation and sonority plane. She reveals an  unusual seriousness of someone who still believes in the piano´s force. The grateful piano repays her fully.

Luiz Paulo Horta – Jornal do Brasil


Miriam Ramos played the 4 Chopin´Scherzos surpassing her own performances  in  past seasons, when she played the 4 Ballades and on another occasion the 12 Études by the same composer. She played with great liberty, always taking chances, however  with  totally respectable technical bases.    

Antonio Hernandez – O Globo



Miriam, a sanguine temperment and a superb technique 

Mauro Trindade – Veja Rio.