With respect to the 24 Chopin Études by Miriam Ramos, they  are  remarkables,  some are magnificent – I congratulate her! This is a recording which needs to be better known.

Alicia de Larrocha - "pianist and professor"


The Études are very well done! Some are magnificent! Pianists tend to  play  then  very fast, but not in your case. You brought out the aspect of musical expression which this great work contains.

Dominique Merlet - "pianist and professor"

Une magnifique pianiste à la fois romantique et technicienne, d’une virtuosité et d’une solidité qui vont si rarement de pair.

Prof. Monique Rolland


... She  subordinates   everything  to  an  incessant  musical   rigor,   presenting  ideas, thoughts, from an appropriate  viewpoint inherent in the works, without thereby  sacrificing her own individual conception, the expressive poetic content of these études is conveyed in a brilliant and intensely musical manner.

Carlos Dantas - "Tribuna da Imprensa - Rio de Janeiro"


It´s an excellent job, exuberant  technique. It´s a work that only a few privileged pianists could perform. Great musicality. I was very impressed.

Miguel Proença - "pianist"


Miriam is a virtuose who, having mastered all   the   difficulties  that appeared  during her journey through this musical  microcosm,  succeeds  in  overcoming   them, highlighting the pure music emanating from them. Her   reading  is solidly based, studied in its smallest details, without gratuitous  effects,  in  perfect  harmony  with the composer´s intentions. She transforms each étude into  a  special moment,  bringing out  its  outstanding characteristics, without neglecting those which usually go unnoticed. Each phrase, each

cell is delicately treated, analysed, understood.  Listen,  for  example,  to numbers 4, 10 and 12 (Revolutionary) of opus 10, or especially numbers 1 and 11 of opus 25.

Luizir de Oliveira – "Revista Concerto – São Paulo"


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Miriam Ramos and Chopin´s Studies